CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre Says Cuban Dancers Are Adults, Nothing He Posts Is “Controversial”
CoinGeek Founder Calvin Ayre Says Cuban Dancers Are Adults, Nothing He Posts Is “Controversial”

On Tuesday, Calvin Ayre, founder of CoinGeek, Ayre Group, and Bodog, posted a picture on Twitter of him “drinking rum with Cuban dance team in Havana.” He also posted a video of the team twerking.

The picture sparked lots of reactions from commenters expressing concern over the age of the dancers.

One Twitter user pointed out such posts appear regularly on Ayre’s feed.

Indeed, Ayre has continued to post similar pictures to Twitter in spite of the backlash he received for the Cuba dance team photo.

BREAKERMAG reached out to Ayre for comment and were sent this statement by him from his PR representative:

“This is nothing to do with me or adult Cuban dancers doing the dance of their cultural heritage but people want to knock Bitcoin SV…I am just a supporter of the original Bitcoin White Paper. I do not own it, I invest in the future of money and I see Bitcoin SV as the only scalable crypto currency out there. I do not believe anything I post is controversial…the only controversy is that anyone should have to be attacked for supporting superior technology that does social good when those attacking are doing it only for some concept of personal gain.”

Ayre made similar comments on Twitter. We followed up with Ayre’s PR rep, asking whether Ayre was aware of the dancers’ ages, and what the nature of his relationship with them was. They declined to comment further.

Meanwhile, antivirus-software pioneer and altcoin shiller John McAfee provided some “unsolicited advice” for his fellow crypto-enthusiast.