Because the world is already in tumult—and now along comes a new wave of technology promising yet more change. Blockchain—which includes crypto-assets, ledgers that track those assets, and many applications—is upending whole industries, sparking radically democratic ideas, and creating a new elite. As this uprising gathers momentum, BREAKER is here to tell the stories of this space and to argue about where the world is going.

BREAKER doesn’t claim to have all the answers. We will do our best to chronicle this flux-filled moment with dogged reporting, critical analysis, and vigorous debate by staffers and contributors, who include blockchain experts and veteran journalists from many top publications. We will be in beta through the summer of 2018, before a full launch after Labor Day.

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BREAKER is an editorially independent site owned by SingularDTV, a blockchain entertainment studio. Our writers sometimes disagree: We are not members of the same tribe or party. None of us has significant cryptocurrency holdings. If there is a conflict of interest, we will disclose it at the bottom of the relevant story.

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