[UPDATED] Cody Wilson, Controversial 3D-Printed Gun Maker, Charged With Child Sexual Assault

UPDATE: According to Taiwan News, Wilson was arrested on Friday in Taiwan. The American Institute in Taiwan has reportedly moved to cancel his passport, which would allow him to be deported to the U.S.

Crypto-anarchist and 3D-printed gun advocate Cody Wilson was charged today with sexual assault of a female child “under the age of 17,” according to an affidavit obtained by Austin-based TV station KVUE. Wilson allegedly met the girl on a site called sugardaddymeet.com and paid her $500 for sex at hotel room in Austin, Tex.

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Wilson, founder of Defense Distributed, has made headlines for fighting to publish blueprints online that would allow anyone to print unregulated and untraceable 3D guns. Some have drawn parallels between this legal battle and that of governments seeking to regulate crypto.

Wilson is also the creator of bitcoin wallet Dark Wallet, and founded Hatreon, a now-suspended crowdfunding website that was used by members of the alt-right who had been removed from platforms like Patreon.

Vice News has published the full affidavit here.