Your Essential Blockchain Conference Style Guide

There’s a lot to be excited about this fall if you’re a stylish man who loves blockchain. You’ve got conferences all over the world—the Texas Bitcoin Conference in Austin, the Real Estate Blockchain Expo in Seoul, CryptoBlockCon in London—which means a whole lot of eyeballs on your outfits. Lucky for you, it’s finally sweater weather.

According to Esquire, a magazine that knows what it’s like to be fashionable and a man, fall also happens to be “the most stylish season of the year.” Time to gear up for the fall conference circuit—and those cool, breezy nights—with outfits that say, “Sure the price of bitcoin is down, but I’m using mine to buy Dogecoin socks.”

Vitalik Casual

It’s day one at the conference (also day one of under 70-degree weather!), so you’ll want to put your best look forward. Show your colors with a crisp Ethereum backpack, but keep it conference casual with a Vitalik-as-Jesus print T-shirt. Keeping time at these events is key—you won’t want to miss Joe Lubin talking about decentralization—so round out your ensemble with a classic Ethereum wristwatch and your favorite pair of fitted black jeans.

Ethereum Fabric Backpack: BitGiftShop, 0.27 ETH

Vitalik Jesus All-Over Printed T-Shirt: BitGiftShop, 0.26 ETH (pictured)

Ethereum Watch, Classic Black Leather: Amazon, 0.11 ETH

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Proof of Work It

Looking smooth after a day at the conference is important, too. When you hit the hotel bar for some overpriced IPAs, keep it minimal with a two-tone outfit. Your black and white “If You Don’t Like CryptoKitties You Need Therapy” T will go great with those bitcoin-logo bowling shoes, and neither will overshadow your token bling (no point in making millions in bitcoin if you can’t show it off).

Funny CryptoKitties T-shirt for the CryptoKitties Lovers: Etsy,  0.13 ETH

Bitcoin Ring: Etsy, 0.077 BTC (pictured)

Bitcoin Logo Men’s Sneakers: CryptoGifts, 0.007 BTC

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For the Active Trader

Getting tired of the stale convention center air? You’re outdoor-ready with a chill “coexist” beanie and practical bitcoin sweatshirt. Traversing rough terrain will be a cinch when wearing your bitcoin statement boots.

MC Bitcoin Hoodie: Epic Hoodie, 0.011 BTC

Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies Coexist Cuffed Beanie: The Resistance, 0.0032 BTC

Bitcoin Art Martin Boots for Men: BitGiftShop, 0.016 BTC (pictured)

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Add Much Wow to Your Suit

Dressing like a businessman doesn’t mean dressing like a boring man. Give some extra punch to your 0.57-bitcoin suit with socks that say, “Much wow.” When you cross your legs and lean forward to make an important point about the bear market, the audience will get a flirty peek at your Doge socks. While you’re at it, forget PowerPoint—a silk tie that illustrates the distributed network with lines and circles will offer adequate visuals for your presentation.

Crypto Distributed Network Geometric Silk Tie: Etsy, 0.007 BTC

Pink Dogecoin Doge Socks: The Blockchain Store, 3,156.646 DOGE (pictured)

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Lite Sweater Weather

As fall gives way to winter and you grow weary of circling the convention floor, you’re going to want to get cozy. There’s no better way to do that than put on a big, old “ugly sweater.” Too bad there’s nothing ugly about this knit Litecoin piece. More understated than its loud bitcoin and Monero alternatives, your Litecoin sweater will beg for a pop of color—which you can satisfy by throwing on these comfy (not to mention super adorable) crochet bitcoin high-top slippers. To further fight the drab, give these lively Chronobank sweatpants a try.

Litecoin Sweater: HodlMoon, 0.9654 LTC (pictured)

Crochet Bitcoin Converse Chuck High Top Slippers: Etsy, 0.0068 BTC

Sweatpants: BitGiftShop, 0.0069 BTC

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All costs reflect cryptocurrency prices at time of writing.