Leaked Images Suggest Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Come With a Crypto Wallet Leaked Images Suggest Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Come With a Crypto Wallet

Images posted on Twitter yesterday show the most detailed images yet seen of Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 smartphone, suggesting that the phone will come with an integrated crypto wallet—something that had been hinted at before, but (still) not confirmed by Samsung.

The images were posted by Twitter user Ben Geskin, a designer with a track record of publishing advance images of unreleased phones, and first reported on Samsung news site SamMobile.

Notable in the image is the S10’s “hole-punch” display, in which the usable screen area extends up to and around the front-facing camera. Another screenshot shows the Blockchain KeyStore option located within the biometrics and security settings menu, along with options for storage encryption and biometric identity verification.

Galaxy S10 leaked image menu

A third image shows the option to import or create a new wallet, with support for Ethereum.

Galaxy S10-3

The news (assuming the screenshots are legit) is a big boost for the process of mainstream crypto adoption, since the S10 is a flagship phone that will be expected to sell many millions of handsets worldwide.

In December 2018, rumors of the smartphone’s blockchain wallet integration surfaced, but were dismissed by Samsung in correspondence with crypto media.

Although the pictures appear genuine, it is not known where they originated. Contacted by BREAKER via Twitter, Geskin declined to provide further details of how he had acquired the images.