Blockchain’s Killer App Is Here (Or Never Coming)

The most recent cryptocurrency crash has dragged the market down to prices we haven’t seen in one entire year. The all-time-high sky is falling and Lambo dealerships are languishing. But don’t worry: BREAKER has diagnosed the market’s illness and found the cure. After some deep reading in the blockchain press, we have determined that all crypto needs is one “killer app.”

According to Coindesk, “2018 might very well be the year of the killer customer app on blockchain.” That will be CryptoKitties-style collectibles, unless it’s “making trade wars obsolete,” “digital resources,” “immersive virtual worlds,” “synthetic versions of financial assets,” or “artistic works.” Certainly,  “supply-chain management is emerging as the killer app,” though, to be fair, “3D Printing Could be Blockchain’s True Game Changer” or “IoT could be the killer app for blockchain,” in which case, quite obviously “Travel Could Be Bitcoin’s Killer app,” since “design is the killer app for crypto,” unless it’s the “NanoCard Crypto-Debit Card,” something called CleanApp, or a more user-friendly service, in which case “blockchain tech’s ‘killer application’ is as a provenance protocol that can accommodate different types of entities as they’re created, shared and used by multiple participants.” Simply put, “Ethereum’s killer app is reintroducing moral hazard and regulatory capture to crypto.”

“Could Online Video Gaming Be Crypto’s Killer App?” “Could online gambling be blockchain’s killer app?” “Will buying porn turn out to be bitcoin’s killer app?” “Could Abra be Bitcoin’s killer app?” Absolutely. Unless “cross-border payments… prove to be the killer app for crypto and blockchain” or “Bitcoin’s Killer App is Ransomware.”

According to a Steemit writer, “Steemit is Bitcoin’s Killer App.”  But Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin says, “there will be no “killer app” for blockchain technology… In fact, one can quite reasonably argue that the closest things that we will ever have to “killer apps” are precisely those apps that have already been done and recited and sensationalized ad nauseam: censorship resistance for Wikileaks and Silk Road. ” Surely, “Silk Road was the first killer app for bitcoin,” “Tokens and ICOs are a “killer app” and Ethereum already birthed “its first ‘killer app,’ the ERC-20 smart contract.”

But maybe it’s simpler than all that. Maybe “the blockchain has found its killer app and it is Trading,” and also these four things:  “1. Dark web and black market payments. 2. Digital gold. 3. Payments (micro and macro). 4. Tokenization,” plus these “Top 10 Killer Apps for Bitcoin.”

So get ready for those crypto markets to bounce back to new all-time highs: crypto’s killer app is definitely on the way, if it’s not here already, unless it’s never coming.