All Time Worst: Blockchain Tweet

Nearly every day, crypto prices hit a new All Time High or All Time Low—and someone in blockchain manages to be unprecedentedly awful. BREAKER celebrates these trailblazers of terrible in our regular feature, All-Time Worst.

To some people, every disaster is nothing more than an opportunity to profiteer of other people’s misery. For President Donald Trump this week, that meant demeaning the deaths of 6,000 Puerto Ricans to take a cheap swipe at Democrats. For Forbes and blockchain company Etherisc, it meant using a Category 4 hurricane described as “horrific”, “life-threatening”, and “catastrophic” to shill insurance on the blockchain.

Serious questions should be asked about who thought it was a good idea to write this up and then HIT THAT TWEET BUTTON.

Forbes hurricane tweet

This nauseating plate of word salad was highlighted by Jason Koebler, Editor-in-chief of VICE Motherboard, who posted a screenshot of the now deleted tweet with the caption, “printing this out and framing it.”

Although the Forbes tweet has been removed, the article it referenced is still online: “Hurricane Victims Edge Closer to Automated Insurance Payouts With Ethereum.” The feature focuses on Swiss startup Etherisc, which doesn’t actually offer any coverage for people affected by Hurricane Florence, but would “love to offer policies in Virginia” at some unspecified future date. Great work guys, we’ll be looking out for it. For now, we’d love to rank this tweet as our All Time Worst.