The Best Christmas Gift of 2018 Is a Physical Manifestation of Blockchain

This year’s holiday season is a time to buy your friends and family bitcoin while the price is still low. But it’s also a time to buy unique, inappropriately expensive gifts that celebrate the continued relevance of decentralized digital currency. When you’re exchanging gifts peer-to-peer, there’s nothing better than combining style with messaging. Cryptocurrency prices have dipped, but you’re still a believer. Gifting your dad a gold watch with a bitcoin “B” will show how much you care (about him, but also bitcoin).

Ikonick Canvas Art “Secure the Bag (Bitcoin Edition)”

Modernize any office space with this inspirational canvas art. The piles of bitcoin say, “I’m here for the future of currency,” while the open bag says, “I don’t give a shit, grab a handful of my coin #adoption.” A perfect gift for your coworkers at a blockchain publication.

Ikonick, $110, 0.027 BTC

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The Envoy Rose Gold and Black Bitcoin Watch

Everybody wants a two-tone precious metal watch for the holidays. Not everyone wants one with a bitcoin “B” on its face, but that will change when they see this rose gold and silver masterpiece. It’s a subtle way to express both your love of bitcoin and how much money you made from buying it six years ago. Plus you can see the gears behind the “B”—cool!

All Things Decentral, $698, 0.17 BTC

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The Blockchain in Physical Form

For the people in your life who still can’t quite wrap their heads around the abstract concept that is blockchain. This one-inch wood block attached to a steel chain will both illustrate blockchain with ease and hang beautifully from your (no longer) clueless loved one’s Christmas tree. Satisfied customers say this innovative piece comes “exactly as described!”

Etsy, $5, 0.0012 BTC

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Dogecoin Sequin Pillow

This sequin pillow is so much more than a sequin pillow. It’s also the Doge and a series of absurdist proclamations, like “such pillow,” “very sleep,” and “wow.” The sequins are reversible, so you can either have an entirely black pillow (for when you’re sad), a full Doge pillow (for when you’re hosting a Dogecoin summit in your apartment), or half-and-half (for when you’re throwing a party and you’re sad).

Etsy, $25.62, 9455.87 XDG

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Crypto Trader Mug 

A $30 wooden beer mug should say more about the user than just, “I’m a man’s man.” It should say “I’m a crypto trader’s crypto trader.” This makes it unisex, so you can buy this mug for literally anybody. Even a child. They can drink milk out of it!

Etsy, $29.99, 0.0073 BTC, 0.26 ETH

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Needle Felted CryptoKitty

Handmade, hand-size, and handsome, a needle-felted miniature CryptoKitty will please the more whimsical members of your holiday gift list. Also doubles as a Christmas tree ornament.

Etsy, $28, 0.24 ETH

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Bitcoin Waterproof Travel Bag (Large)

The Bitcoin Waterproof Travel Bag is a dream holiday gift for the blockchain conference jet-setters who are never done making a statement. From far away, that statement is, “Am I maybe lugging around a fake Louis Vuitton? No? Squint harder.”

BitGiftShop, $199, 0.049 BTC

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